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About Hamilton Radiator & Repair

Serving Peterborough & Area Since 1987

Here at Peterborough Radiator, we stand behind our work. We are confident that you’ll be satisfied with the repairs made by our experienced  licensed mechanics , who take pride in their work. In 2022 Peterborough Radiator officially changed their name from Hamilton Radiator. Same ownership, same employees same great service, just a new fresh name!


Quality Parts & Workmanship

Our mission, in fact, is to give our customers peace of mind through our expert workmanship and top-quality parts. We believe in fixing small problems before they turn into big ones. We build and repair all types of radiators from automotive to industrial.  Here we also specialize in custom and restoration of antique radiators.


Honest Mechanics

On the other hand, we fix only what needs to be fixed. You can rest assured that Peterborough Radiator will never try to upsell you or tell you something needs repaired when it doesn’t. That’s why Peterborough-area motorists have trusted us for more than 25 years.


Expert Rust-Proofing

Hamilton Radiator & Repair shop relies on Rust Check, Canada’s #1 rust control organization, for quality rust-proofing processes and products. Avoid corrosion from rust by asking us for expert rust-proofing services today.

Rust check
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