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Complete Cooling System Service and Radiator Repair in Peterborough

Peterborough Radiator licensed mechanics have pleased customers with their complete cooling system service in Peterborough and the Kawarthas since 1987, and we continue that tradition today. Come see us for:

  • Fuel pumps
  • Radiators
  • Air conditioning
  • Welding
  • Gas tanks
  • Heater recores
  • General automotive repairs
  • Fuel tank straps
  • Rust-proofing
  • Sanding
  • Detailing
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Agricultural and Industrial Radiators

In fact, we’re radiator experts here at Peterborough Radiator. We can build, install and repair radiators in vehicles, as well as agricultural and industrial radiators.

Whether your farm or industrial rad needs to be flushed out, repaired or a new core, come see our expert builders. We will give your radiator the attention it needs to get it back in good working conditions.


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Fuel Pumps

A faulty pump with low pressure will disturb the engine's air-fuel ratio, which can cause all sorts of performance problems. Aside from hard starting, the vehicle may experience misfires, a loss in power and acceleration, a decrease in fuel efficiency and even engine stalling.

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Questions Frequently Asked
Seven fuel pump warning signs
  • Decreased gas mileage

  • Engine sputters at high speeds (one of the best indicators of a failing fuel pump is found while driving your car at a consistently high speed)

  • Engine will not start

  • Fuel pressure gauge

  • Loss of power when the vehicle is under stress

  • Rising temperature

  • Surging

A radiator is an important part of a car's cooling system. It passes hot coolant through metal fins that conduct heat away from the liquid and into the air. When the coolant has reached the correct temperature, it is pumped back into the engine block.

Identifying when it’s time to visit the mechanic - Top signs that your radiator is clogged
  • Overheating engine (overheats frequently)

  • Strange fluid discoloration

  • Visual dirt or debris

What does it mean when your car AC blows hot air?

Similarly, you may have low refrigerant due to other causes like loose connections, old hoses or the simple escape of refrigerant over time. These small leaks can cause your air conditioning system to stop blowing cold air.

How does the AC of a car work?

The compressor is the work horse of the air conditioning system, powered by a drive belt connected to the crankshaft of the engine. When the air-conditioning system is turned on, the compressor pumps refrigerant vapour under high pressure to the condenser.

A fuel tank (or petrol tank) is a safe container for flammable fluids. Though any storage tank for fuel may be so called, the term is typically applied to part of an engine system in which the fuel is stored and propelled (fuel pump) or released (pressurized gas) into an engine.

How does the fuel pump know when to stop?

Suction is applied to this pipe using a venturi. When the tank is not full, air is being drawn through the hole by the vacuum, and the air flows easily. When gasoline in the tank rises high enough to block the hole, a mechanical linkage in the handle senses the change in suction and flips the nozzle off.


Condensation can form in the empty part of your gas tank. In the winter that condensation can freeze, collect into icy blockages in your fuel lines and create problems with starting your car. The best way to avoid this from happening is to keep your tank more than half full during the winter.

Overheating Radiator?

We can send you on your way with confidence.

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